Annekata’s Make Your Own Sandals

Back in August, I came across a post on Etsy’s How-Tuesday on how to make your own sandals.  I instantly thought this was a genius idea. Like the author, flip flops don’t agree with my feet.  They just don’t get along.  So, I’m always in envy of those folks that can just stroll around town in their flip flops without a care.  Until now.  I attempted Annekata’s make your own sandals and here are the results:

I think they turned out fairly well and I’m quite happy with them.  They are extremely comfortable  and flexible.  A couple of pointers and observations when making these:

1) I used way too much glue.  I’m hoping some sand paper will take off the excess dry glue, but I’ll know next time I don’t need that much.  I used Sticky Ass, which is like Gorilla glue, but had better reviews on Amazon.

2) Make sure the plug in between your toes that you are supposed to leave in is cut as short as possible.  If not, you are stepping on it the entire time you are walking and it is very uncomfortable.

3)Prepare for a lot experimenting with the tops of the feet.  Try them on when they are tucked into the slit on the sides before gluing them.  It really depends out stretchy your t-shirt material is.  Mine wasn’t so stretchy.

I had a lot of fun with this project and can’t wait to make more.  I’m wondering if knitted cotton or hemp material will work for the top of the foot and the ties instead of a t-shirt?  I will try it out and let you know.


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