Free Pattern Sunday!

My very first published pattern!  Enjoy!

Reversible Belt

Yarn: Cascade 220; A: 7827 Goldenrod, B: 9469 Hot Pink, C: 9563 Olive Drab Heather

Needles: size 7

Gauge: not crucial for this project

Notions: Belt buckle; in order for your belt to be reversible, you will need a buckle that is reversible as well.

Pattern is double knitted. I did my best to explain how to do it in the directions, If you need extra help, you can find tutorials on double knitting here.


Using 2 strands held together of A, CO 5 sts; 10 sts total.

Row 1: K first st with one strand of yarn, P second st with the other strand of yarn, continue K and P, alternating strands until end of row.

Row 2 K1, P1, alternating strands.

Row 3 K1, P1, continuing to alternating strands

Take this time to check both sides of the your work.  Both sides should be stockinette.

Continue K1, P1, alternating strands for 7 more rows; change to B

Continue double knitting for 10 rows; change to C

Continue double knitting for 10 rows; change to A.

Continue this pattern until belt is desired length.

Buckle assembly:

There are a couple ways to assemble the buckle to the belt.  For my belt, I grafted the stitches together around the buckle to secure it.  For grafting directions, please go here.  In order to do this, you will have to unravel a row or two to get 2 sets of stitches on both ends.  After that is done, place the buckle end to be sewn in between the stitches, placing the back stitches into the buckle end to be sewn.  Graft as directed.


Bind of stitches as the directions on the websites for double knitting tell you to bind off.  Loop end of belt to buckle end and fold the end over on the belt and sew the end to the belt to secure the buckle.

Weave in ends.

Copyright 2011 Michele Grim.  This pattern is for personal use only and cannot be duplicated or sold.

Note: this pattern has only been tested by me.  If you see any errata or something that needs clarifying, please email  Please do not post errata into the comments.  Thanks!


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