Pom Pom Garland

This year for the holidays, I decided to make pom pom garland, and here I will show you how its’ done!

1) First things first, you will want to purchase or make a pom pom maker.  You can purchase one at any craft store for cheap or make one out of cardboard, with a tutorial here.  I have a Lion Brand pom pom maker that I purchased for $2 or $3. It comes in 3 different sizes and I used the largest size, makes about 2.5 inch pom poms.

2) Hold the two pom pom rings together and begin wrapping yarn around the maker with a tapestry needle.  I like to double up the yarn to make the process faster. It will look like this.

3) Continue to wrap the pom pom maker until there is virtually no space in the middle.  The more you wrap, the fluffier they will be.  It will look like this.

4) Once it is full, it is time to cut it.  Take some super sharp scissors and start cutting the yarn around the pom pom maker.

5)  Once you have cut all the way around the yarn of the pom pom maker, you want to take a piece of yarn and tie it in the middle of the pom pom maker to secure your pom pom.  Make sure you secure it tightly around the pom pom. After that is done, this is what your pom pom will look like.

6) Make a sufficient amount of pom poms to cover the area you want to cover.  I put mine in the middle of my mantle, which is over 5 feet long.  I made about 20 pom poms. After you made all your pom poms, crochet a chain as long as you need to fit all of your pom poms.

7) After you have crocheted the chain, knot one end but keep the other end open.  Put a tapestry needle on the end that is not knotted and slip the pom poms onto the crochet chain.

8) Once you have all your pom poms on the chain, you can now hang it up!  You may want to leave a little space in between each pom pom so you have a place to hang it on the hook.  This is how it looks on my mantle.

Make as many as you like!  Now you have a fun project for the holidays!


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