Winter Mornings

So, this week, I’ve had some pretty interesting mornings. And with this, there’s tons of snow on the ground, it’s very cold (it’s -1 F outside…not kidding) and I’ve had winter bite me in the ass. Yesterday morning, I get up and do my usual routine. I go outside and try to start my car. Churn, churn, churn, won’t start. I wait a couple seconds…churn, churn..won’t start. Crap! So, I go inside, contemplate what it is….is my engine dead? It doesn’t sound like my battery…. So, I wake up the father-in-law, he comes outside and he takes out the jumper cables, turns on his car, hooks the cables up, and we wait a second…in this frigid weather…and it starts! Good! Nothing serious, just the cold weather. My evening commute last night was pretty horrendous, but I made it home safe.

This morning, I do my usual routine again, but afraid that my car won’t start. I go outside, it hesitates, but starts. Ok! Off to a good start. I wait for it to warm up, I pour my coffee, get my lunch go outside and I’m ready to leave. Just then, I get stuck in my driveway. I can’t get out! I can’t even get out of my car! There’s a foot or more of snow on my driver’s side. So, I called the house and the father in law comes out again and tries to get me out. I think it took about 10 minutes to get me out, but I finally got out. Hooray! Nothing else could go wrong, right? So, I’m driving to work (my commute is about 30 miles) and I hop on I-75, the last part of my commute, and when I’m five miles to my destination, I noticed that my hood is bobbing up and down. My hood is open! The release is on the floor, and I’ve caught it with my foot a couple times, but noticed when I did it. Either my father in law or I released the hood when we were trying to get my car out. Holy crap, I think. I hope it doesn’t fly open while I’m driving! So, I’m driving pretty slow on the express-way, and I do get to my destination, without my hood flying open.

Ahh, winter mornings! What will tomorrow bring me?


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