Slow knitting

I knit too fast.  I like to knit because of enjoyment, but I’m also eager to see the final product.  So I subject myself to marathon knitting, when I should really be savoring the stitches and enjoying the process.  Becoming more of a process person rather than a project person (I consider myself both, but really should embrace the process more).  When I’m done with a project, I usually start another one, wondering why I knitted it so fast.  So, in order to really appreciate what knitting is all about, I’ve decided to knit slower.  I’m not going to worry about when a project (of my own) should be done, what is it going to look like, worrying about what it’s going to look like, what I’m going to knit after it’s done.  I’m just going to take one project at a time and knit at my own slow pace.  Savor the knit and purls, enjoy the 2×2 rib, learn a new stitch pattern, experiment, but by taking it slow.  Not worrying about it taking forever.  I encourage you all to do the same.  Let me know if you pledge to take  up slow knitting.  Maybe I could be the Alice Waters of the knitting world 🙂


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  1. This isn’t mentioned so much in her Wikipedia bio, but Alice Waters is part of the slow food movement. This is what I’m referring to when I say “the Alice Waters of the knitting world.”

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