Happy New Year!

I would have posted this earlier, but my husband and I were in Detroit ringing in the New Year at a Barenaked Ladies concert. Tons of fun. For this New Year, I do have some resolutions, but not your typical “I want to lose weight” kinda stuff. Here they go (in no particular order, I’m just numbering them for an easier read )

1. Decrease knitting stash. I think I tell myself that I’m going to decrease my knitting stash every year, but never do. We’ll see if this also holds true this year. I need to use up the yarn I have. I have lots of acrylic that I really can’t use for much but afghans. I prefer to knit afghans in acrylic because it washes easy.

2. Try making more art yarn. I have this great book Intertwined that features art yarn and how to make it. I can’t wait to try spinning video tape.

3. Make more consistent yarn. I need to learn how to spin consistently, so I will be working on that this year.

4. Design more yarns for projects. My first attempt at this will be the Honeycomb Beret in this winter’s Interweave Knits. I’ve noticed that I don’t really keep the yarns I spin, and I need to do that more and start designing them for simple projects I want to make.

5. Also, keep my Etsy/Silkfair shops up to date. I’ve been lagging in those shops and I need to keep them up to make more sales.


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