Honey yarn

I finished 250 yards of my friend’s dog hair yarn.  I blended it with some nice South African fine wool mix and it turned out beautifully!  The color is just beautiful.  Just like her dog’s name….Honey.  This is the second dog hair spinning project I’ve endured, first time blending and processing hair so short.  It sheds quite a bit.  I recently joined a dog hair spinning group on Ravelry, and a couple folks on there have been great help.  They explained to me that the shorter the hair, and how many guard hairs are in it, the more it sheds. The loose hairs are trying to work its way out of the yarn and eventually, it’ll stop shedding.  They suggested I whack the skeins so some of the yarn will fly out of it, and I did that–twice per skein.  Dog hair flew EVERYWHERE and it’s still shedding like crazy.  It’s still drying and hopefully it will be dry by the time I get home.  I will be making a scarf for her and found this lovely lace pattern from Knit Picks.  I really can’t wait to see how it will turn out.  I haven’t knitted with dog hair yet, so this will be an interesting experience.  I will be sure to post pictures of the yarn and the scarf once it’s completed.


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