Cracked side mirror

There comes a time where I have to blog about something that’s not knitting related, and that time is now.  Yesterday, I was backing out of my drive way to go to work.  It was a foggy morning  and my drive way is long, since I live out in the country.  It was garbage day so the garage bin was out.  Once I got to the edge of the drive way, I turned my steering wheel to go left and I heard a crash and noticed the garbage bin was on the ground.  I hopped out of my car and put the garbage bags back in the bin, examined my car, and saw nothing was damaged, so I hopped back in and looked in my side mirror and noticed it wasn’t on correctly.  So that’s what hit the bin!  I hopped back out of the car to see if I could push it back in and noticed the plastic was cracked.  No hope for this little mirror.  I hopped back on the road and adjusted my electric mirror so I could see with a crooked mirror.  I decided to call the Saturn dealer to see if they could fit me in and luckily they could.  I called my boss to tell her what happened and she was fine with it.  I got to the Saturn dealer and they told me that it would take about 10 minutes to put the new mirror on.  Well, 10 minutes took about 40 minutes, but I did get a new mirror after I shelled out 150 bucks.  So, make sure on garbage day, you watch out for your bins so you won’t have a cracked side mirror.


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