Big purchase

I just put a drumcarder on layaway!  I’ve been itching to buy one for a long time (well, since I’ve bought my first raw fleece and used handcarders) and I finally took the plunge and put one on layaway.  I bought it from Artclub on Etsy.  It’s a 6 month layaway, but I’m going to pay it off sooner. I’m really excited!  I can’t wait to get it!

I also found a job for consignment.  It is called Yarny-Goodness and once I get some skeins finished, I will be selling my yarns there!  And even my stitch markers!  Pam, the owner, has a really great philosophy and she understands the nature of spinning and dying, so I’m happy to be working with her.

A new scarf is up, so be sure to check it out here.  There will be more scarves to come!

In the world of knitting for myself, I’m working on a market bag.  I went to Yarn Cravin’ in Perrysburg for the first time and they had several market bag patterns, which I was happy about.  I bought some Hempathy yarn and it looks great so far.  I will post pictures on Flickr and Ravelry when I’m finished.


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