Cali vacation

I’ve been in Cali for the past week and it’s now wrapping up.  My husband is here for work and it was great hanging out with him.  I have missed him very much.  I have never been to Cali until now and it’s so great here.  I did manage to go to a yarn shop in the Mission/Dolores district called Imagiknit.  If you ever get to Cali, the store is amazing!  There are so many fun and eclectic yarns, I probably spent an hour looking around the place soaking it all in!  The owner and staff were very friendly, and she even has a Whippit named George, who is also very friendly.  Every few minutes or so, he would come up to me and sniff me and I would pet him.  He is a very pretty dog.  Anyways, if you are every in the area, please go to this shop because it’s awesome.  And, she lets you use the ball winder and swift yourself!

I will be flying back to Ohio tomorrow.  I’ll be sad, but I’ll see my husband in a few weeks.  He’ll be back soon and then we will be together again.  My trip was great and I hope to come back to Cali again!


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