Job loss, New stitch markers up

New stitch markers are up, check them out here

I bought another dye pot yesterday.  I went to one of my local thrift stores with a friend and found a very nice and large steel pot for 10 bucks.  It’s perfect for my dyeing needs.  it hold way more fiber and I can tell if my water is still the color of my dye or clear.  So nice to have!

On a personal note, I found out I’m losing my job on Monday.  I’m not unemployed until the end of the year, so maybe I can become a full-time fiber artist after that 🙂  Actually, while that would be interesting and fun, though not profitable, I’d much rather prefer to separate my full-time job and my craft business.  I really love working in public health and at the end of the day coming home to knitting and spinning and using that to wind down the day.   I would be afraid that spinning and knitting would become a chore and I really don’t want that to happen.  So, I think it works out for me that I can have a full-time job and a craft business on the side.  I make time for my craft and that’s all that matters.  So, cross your fingers for me to finding a job!


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