Air Asia?!?

I’m going to be diverging from knitting/spinning stuff for a moment.  I am now officially in the loooonnnnnggggg list of people who have been identity-thefted.  Long story short, I tried to use my debit card yesterday morning for a bagel and it was declined.  I found out through online banking that I was overdrawn 5.00~~I know I only spend $36 at Fiberworks 🙂  I called the bank and they told me that I have a $300 charge to Air Asia.  After a morning of calling the bank 4 times, and even calling Air Asia in Malaysia (never thought I would call Malaysia in my life!) I found out they flagged my card and blocked further purchases.  Best case scenerio, the airline doesn’t let the charges through and it comes back, worst case, it goes through and I have to go to the bank to fill out an affidavit.  Hopefully it’s the former.  In the meantime, I’m just trying to get through.  I want to warn everyone that they need to be careful!  Please be careful!

I digress.  It’s been a good spinning/knitting week.  I sold another skein of yarn on Etsy and I finished cleaning up the last of the Shetland wool I bought on Ebay.  My yarn of the months will be going out here in a few days and I hope to have more yarns listed here in the next couple weeks, so keep an eye out on my shop.  Fibeworks Knitting is closing 😦 so I went over there in Wednesday and bought some yarn.  I plan on going back before they close.  I’m very sad to see them go.  I really liked their store.  They are a very friendly staff.  I will have to find another lys now.  I got some great yarns for $36.  Right now, the project I’m working on is the Show Off Ruffle Skirt in the Lace Knits book.  So far so good, don’t really like the bobbles in person, so I’m just going to do the drop stitches.  I will keep everyone updated on the Etsy store and let you know when I have new yarns posted.


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