Wheel attack!

This morning, I woke up to my wheel almost all the way on the ground and the stool I use to spin’s leg in one of the holes of my wheel.  Luckily, nothing is broken on either the wheel or the stool (and I cannot afford a new wheel at the moment), but I still don’t know who the culprit is.  Could it be those pesky cats fighting, or a dog chasing those pesky cats. About 10 minutes ago, I noticed an overturned shoe rack, and I’m figuring it was the dog.  We has a storm last night and it rained forever, even until this morning, and she was a very scared dog.  Cleo tried to jump up on the arm chair with me, and she’s a Chow Chow, so not the smallest dog!  My guess she was freaking out because she wasn’t near anyone and in turn, she knocked things over.  I think this means that I need to start covering my wheel, so things like this don’t happen again.  I need to find an old sheet to cover it with.  I think that’ll take care of it.

I received the Maggie Casey book Start Spinning in the mail today and it has some really great helpful tips.  I found out that you can use a dog comb to comb wool!  Heh, I actually ordered some combs last night, and they are actually out of the combs I bought, so I just cancelled the order and I’m just going to buy a dog comb.  Lots of helpful stuff in this book.  I recommend it.  I used one of her guides on Spin Off to help me start spinning with a spinning wheel for the first time.  If you haven’t heard of Maggie Casey before, she is one of the best known spinners out there and her books and articles are straightforward and helpful.  Check her out if you haven’t yet.

I will be submitting work at my first Art Fair next week!  BGSU is holding its first community art fair and I will be submitting three skeins of my yarn.  Two of them are already finished, one is on the bobbin, ready for the twist to be set.  Drop off date is July 10 and basically, everyone gets in, unless they don’t like yarn for some reason.  They said fiber is ok ;P.  There will also be an opening reception on the 19th and I plan on going.  Now, I’m just eagerly waiting for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair application to become available.  That will be so much fun to be a vendor!


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