Dogs and paper

So, the skein with the paper is drying.  When I was soaking the skein, I had a revelation; paper gets wet.   I’m hoping since it’s art paper, it won’t ruin now that I’ve gotten it wet.  So far, it seems to be holding up.  I’m eager to try fabric next.  I may have better luck with fabric, although paper hasn’t been that bad.  There have only been a few pieces rejected from the spinning and winding process.

A friend of mine has some of her dog’s hair for me to spin and I’m excited to try to spin another breed of dog.  I haven’t been spinning any dog hair lately and I should practice before I start spinning her’s.  She told me I’ll probably have to blend with wool and I have some nice Icelandic I can blend with.  Or the Shetland will be nice as well.  I can’t wait to get started!

I bought the Maggie Casey book from Knitpicks last night, so hopefully I’ll get that soon.  Oh, and I made an Etsy sale last night also!  I’m excited because it’s been slow.  And it was scarves nonetheless!


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