Washing fleece

is all I’m really doing.  And finishing Giselle.  I’m trying to stretch out my knitting projects so I don’t buy more yarn for other projects.  I really need to start destashing and knitting with what I have.  Or, selling  some of my stash.  Giselle is looking great.  I have a sleeve on.  I’m still working on the tie and I need to sew on the other sleeve.  Let me tell you, When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters is so helpful with sewing, my knits look so much better!  I could not live without that book as a knitter.  I think it is one of the best books I own.

As for spinning, I haven’t been spinning, really, just washing fleece and preparing it.  I have some Babydoll Southdown that is really dirty.  I need to work on getting the VM out of that before I wash it again.  There is some Shetland I bought from Ebay that’s in my utility sink right now.  It’s cleaning up very nicely.  I have 2.5+ lbs of it and it’s very soft.  It’ll be great to spin.  Once I get more if it cleaned, I’m going to start on my next yarn of the month skein.  i think I have an idea for it….


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