Stirrup Cozies

So, I’ve started to make stirrup cozies for a woman who works at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. It’s quite fun and interesting. She asked the Knit for Choice group I started on Ravelry to do this. One person found a pattern online and I’m using that pattern to make the cozies. I will be sure to post them on here when I’m done. It’s a great destash project. I have a lot of acrylic yarn, and it’s a very, very quick project so I’ll probably make lots of them. I have so much acrylic yarn, it’s unbelievable! I’ve been looking for a quick project to knit because I’m focused on spinning.
Speaking of spinning, I think I’m going to buy a Greensleeves spindle. I need a new spindle because mine is cracking, and sometimes I get the urge to use a spindle. And I need to practice my spindle skills 🙂
Under the Sea is up now on Etsy, so go check it out:

And, I got my first Yarn O’ the Month customer!!! Yay!!!
All kinds of happy fiber news today!


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