Under the Sea

I plied with sewing thread for the first time today! I plied a new yarn called Under the Sea, which will be posted on Etsy in a day or so, after it dries. I’m quite excited about plying with thread! If I feel like it tomorrow, I’m going to go to Joann’s and buy thread so I have some handy and I don’t have to “borrow” from my MIL. I used almost an entire spool of her thread and I feel bad. I’ll buy her a new one. The downside to plying with thread it that a spool empties fast. I had to use 2 spools to complete one skein. It’s a small skein, but nonetheless, that’s a lot of thread. But it’s much easier to use thread than having to spin another single and then ply that. I really like the waving effect it gives it too. I always love learning new techniques as a spinner and a knitter. This one I’m definitely doing on a regular basis!


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  1. I’m having problems posting pictures on the blog, so you’ll have to wait until it’s in my shop. Sorry bout that!

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