Ribbit, Ribbit

I had to frog my nephew’s sweater the other day. Once I got to the neck shaping, I realized I made a mistake shaping the armholes. I’m now back on track, though, and I’m now to the sleeves. I already grafted the shoulders together and it looks like it’s coming along nicely. I think it’s too big, but that’s a good think because he can wear it for a long time. I’ve never knitted a baby sweater before, and it goes pretty quick.

I’m thinking of buying a Babe spinning wheel, probably the Pinkie. I want a traveling wheel, but can’t afford a Joy, so this one will look like it’ll do. They are made out of PVC pipe, and I think they look fun! I would love to teach people how to spin one of these days, or start/join a spinning group, so i think the babe is ideal for that sorta thing. We’ll see what happens. Saturday is Market Day! I’m excited to buy local fiber!


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